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Learn how to write cover letters once and for all!

Your dream job is within reach! How? All you have to do is write a cover letter that will blow the minds of recruiters and get you an interview invitation. Forget mediocre creations that get lost in the pile. Write a letter that will impress the recruiter and get an invitation to a coveted interview.

Your dream job is within reach! How? All you have to do is write acover letter that will blow the minds of recruiters and get you aninterview invitation. Forget mediocre creations that get lost in thepile. Write a letter that impresses recruiters
and get aninvitation to a coveted interview.

Impress with the very first sentence

The introduction of your cover letter must be like a bolt from theblue. Instead of the usual phrases about where you came across thejob offer, start with a brief introduction. In it, please state whatposition you are applying for and what experience or skills you wouldbring to the job. But only highlight one or two abilities at most.The rest you will list in another section. In the beginning, it's allabout attracting attention.

And important! It isessential that you address your cover letter to a specific person.Was there no name in the advertisement? Try looking up who heads theHR department on the internet.

Show that you know

Companies appreciate it when you put in the work and show that youcare. That you know their history or recent successes. Let them knowwhat motivates you to work for this company. Explore the company'swebsite, blogs or social media to find what you think they excel ator like. Do you like their new product, service or approach? Statethis in your letter!

Don't be afraid to show emotion

Remember that recruiters are not only looking for experience andskills, but also personality. Highlight one key moment in yourworking life that best describes you. For example, if you have beeninvolved in a successful project, describe it. Show your emotions andenthusiasm for the work you do. List a few experiences and qualitiesthat make you a good candidate, but don't go overboard with thequantity. Rather than a novel about yourself, write what impressedyou about them. You're not writing a resume, you're writing a coverletter.

Look to the future

Your goal is to show that you are not only a suitable candidate foryour current position, but that you also see yourself in the companyfor the long term and have ambitions to grow with it. Express yourpassion for the field and your motivation to succeed.

Call to action

First, thank them for their time in reading your cover letter. Thenask them to contact you back. For example, you can state that youwill be happy to answer any questions you may have at a personalinterview. Or they can contact you for additional information at thephone number or email provided.

In short, beoriginal, honest and focus on what makes you unique. We believe thatthese tips will make writing a cover letter no longer a nightmare foryou.

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