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7 proven tips to nail an interview and get your dream job!

The interview is an important step on the road to your dream job. But how to prepare and stand out among the competition? In our article, we share with you 7 proven tips...

The interview is an important step on the road to your dream job. Buthow to prepare and stand out among the competition? In our article,we bring you 7 proven tips to nail an interview and get your dreamjob. Preparing for the interview is the first step to nailing it!

1. Do your research

Going into an interview without knowing basic information about thecompany is a mistake many candidates make. Show in the interview thatyou were interested in the company and highlightevents/products/achievements that impressed you. Don't forget to takea brief history or find out the owner of the company. You won't makea mistake. On the contrary! The more you show that you have spenttime researching the company, the more you will impress and show thatyou are ready
and have the necessary knowledge. But beware ofmonotonous reading or reciting of basic information. Try to highlightwhat interests you and what is relevant to the position.

2. Practice answering questions

You may look comical, but practice makes perfect. Imagine whatquestions you might be asked and practice answering them. Try topresent your strengths, skills, achievements. What questions can youdefinitely not avoid being asked? We have the 5 most common ones foryou:

  • How did you hear about the position?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What are your strengths/weaknesses?
  • Why should we choose you?

Questions abound and you never know what you will be asked. But it'sgood to find questions on the internet and try to answer them.

3. Imagine that you have already succeeded

Visualization is a powerful tool. Imagine that you have alreadysuccessfully passed the interview. This will boost your confidence,which will show during the actual interview. But watch your manners!Too much self-confidence is rather negative.

4. Communication and body language training

Pay attention to your voice, speech rate and body language. Tryrecording your speech to see how you look, how fast you talk or howyou sit. Make sure your communication is clear, pleasant andconfident. Don't forget to smile! Everyone likes smiling peoplebetter than frowning morons. Evoke positive emotions in therecruiter.

5. Prepare questions

The interview is also an opportunity for you to get information aboutthe company and the position. Prepare some questions to show yourinterest. And don't worry you don't have to think up dozens ofquestions. Ask questions about what you are really interested in.What you may not have learned on their website. Also look online forexample questions and get inspired.

6. Create a list of achievements

Make a list of your achievements, projects or situations in which youhave excelled. This point is a bit relates to questions, but it'simportant to be really clear about your achievements. Beware ofboring showing off. Be clear about what you want to say, what youwant to highlight and what you are proud of.

7. Be yourself

Although many people find the interview nerve-wracking, try to relaxand be yourself. Recruiters are looking not only for skills andexperience, but also for a personality that fits in with theircompany's concept. Therefore, do not be overconfident, but beyourself. You might shine a little more thanks to the make-believe,but the subsequent reality would disappoint you and them.

Preparation is thekey to success! The more you prepare for the interview, the moreconfident and prepared you will feel for all the questions andchallenges that will come. Whether your interview is tomorrow or nextweek, these tips will get you ready to land your dream job. Goodluck!

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