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Experienced team

The ProJob team is made up of experienced professionals who havetheir hearts in the right place and years of experience in the fieldof HR services.

Partner relationship

Every client is equally important to us, regardless of size orlocation. Thanks to partner key account management, we fulfill ourpromises.


Our flexibility ensures that the needs of clients and employees aremet immediately. Taking care of our employees will reduce turnoverand lead to mutual satisfaction

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Who works with us?

ProJob is a great team with people you can rely on. A large and important role is played by friendly and qualified staff. I'm satisfied with them.

Anna Sabov

Kdo s námi spolupracuje?

ProJob met my requirements in all areas. When I needed housing, advances, work pants, boots, jacket, they always accommodated me. I can only recommend this company!

Petr Škrabal

Kdo s námi spolupracuje?

They saved me during the Covid period. They have a fair approach and resolve issues quickly. They value their employees' satisfaction a lot.

Tomáš Kolářík
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Who works with us?

Work in Pro|Job for Aero Vodochody to join a friendly group of co-workers. They will be happy to welcome you. The work is easy and not stereotypical. You will gain new work experience, knowledge and skills. You'll be involved in the construction of the L-39NG subsonic fighter, something not everyone can say and it's worth it. You have a choice of several job roles to choose from. Come try it out with us and join the Pro|Job family.

Tomáš Bílek

Kdo s námi spolupracuje?

I am very satisfied with the agency. The agency always tries to secure work even when work is scarce. Very wonderful communication. I'll be glad if more people come across an agency like yours.

Leoš Pivoňka

Kdo s námi spolupracuje?

Professional and fair approach. I can contact the agency at any time. I recommend it 100%!

Václav Kolářík

Kdo s námi spolupracuje?

The ProJob agency offers accommodation where I am very satisfied. What surprised me was the peace and quiet. I enjoy my work and it helps me to improve my experience.

Patrik Janeček

DiS. Jan Harmanoš

Business Development Manager
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