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A guide on how to create a great resume!

Getting your dream job starts with your CV! Keep it simply perfect! Here, we bring you proven tips and tricks on how to write a CV that will impress recruiters and move you closer to success.

Getting your dream job starts with your CV! Keep it simply perfect!Here, we bring you proven tips and tricks on how to write a CV thatwill impress recruiters and move you closer to success.

1. Order the information correctly!

Start your CV with your details, for the simplest of reasons. This isyour resume! Thinking about photography? It's not a requirement, butwe recommend it. Photos must be representative! If you only havephotos from family trips, selfies, photos with pets, you bettercreate a resume without a photo.

State youreducational background. Careful here! State your highest level ofeducation. If any previous experience is relevant to the position,indicate it. But nobody cares where you went to elementary school. Inthis section, also indicate the relevant training you have received.

Work experiencefollows. This part is the most important for HR managers. Therefore,take special care of it. Give the full names of the companies andspecific positions you have held. You can also include a brief jobdescription if it is relevant to the position you are applying for.

Don’t forget toindicate your language skills or language certificates. In thissection, you should also list your other skills and abilities.

2. Be precise and concise

Recruiters have limited time and often have to read dozens of CVs.Make sure your CV is structured, clear and contains only keyinformation. Make sure you use correct grammar and spelling. Useparagraphs, bullets and headings to make your CV clear and easy toread. You can find out more in your cover letter.

3. Focus on relevant skills

Highlight the skills and abilities that are relevant to the positionyou are applying for. Give specific examples that illustrate yourskills. While you may be tempted to describe your successes, don'twrite too much! Remember to keep it brief. For your previous workexperience, you can briefly highlight an achievement. E.g., Increasein sales by XY % compared to the previous year.

4. Customize your CV for each job

Each job has its own specific requirements and expectations. Whenattaching your CV, focus on the skills, experience and achievementsthat are relevant to the position. Show recruiters that you havecarefully read the job advert and understand its requirements.

5. Personal page

Don't forget your personal page. As well as professional information,you can also include a section on your interests, volunteering orother activities that interest you. This way, you can show yourpersonality while demonstrating that you are a team player with awide range of interests.

6. Adjustments and check

The last step is a careful check and revision! Errors in spelling andgrammar can lead to a negative impression. You should also ask atrusted friend or family member to read your CV and provide feedback.

Forget Word andalways send your CV in PDF format! Why, you ask? We don't even needto mention that the CV looks much more professional. Mostimportantly, it preserves formatting, so you can be sure that onesentence won't break into two pages.

Remember that yourCV is your gateway to the world of employment, so work hard on it.

We do it with heart.The fundamental pillar on which our company is based is the humanbeing who always comes first. This is what sets us apart from others.

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